YW-L series fully automatic linear blow moulding machine is the most stable two-step fully-automatic pet stretch-blow moulding machine(preheat). It has two to eight cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 2L. It can blow PET bottles for carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth, hot filling, and other packing containers,.

YW-L series
Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

YW-B20L semi automatic 5 gallon PET stretch blow molding machine is especially designed to produce 5-gallon bottle. Its output is up to 120BPH for 5-gallon bottle in certain case.

YW-B20L consists of main machine and rotary infrared heater. The ordinary quartz lamp cannot heat preform ideally because the preform wall is excessively thick. The infrared heater with high penetrative force can heat the outside of preform evenly.What is more,inner heater is included for more transparent bottle.

YW-B20L 5 gallon
Semi  Automatic  Blow Moulding Machine

We are professional in design and manufacturing of mineral water & juice cap mold,edible oil cap mold,flip-flop cap mold,gasoline cap mold,shampo cap mold,medical cap mold,whisky cap mold,detergent cap mold and so on.

We are committed to working with you to design solutions that fit your needs and meet your specific project expectations. Our specialty closure offering is designed for a variety of applications, from edible oils to sports drinks to personal care products. Regardless of application, every specialty closure project is customized to your exact specifications and is unique to your part needs.​

6 – cavity
Cap Mould

Yawei Machinery has a powerful team with a designer in chief with more than 15 years in preform mould.By far,we make maximum 72-cavity preform mold.Also we make cold half mold,hot runner and other interchangeable spare parts for mold from Husky,Krauss Maffei,MHT,Otto,Sacmi and so on.

32 – cavity
PET Preform Mould

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