32 – cavity
PET Preform Mould
Yawei Machinery has a powerful team with a designer in chief with more than 15 years in preform mould.By far,we make maximum 72-cavity preform mold.Also we make cold half mold,hot runner and other interchangeable spare parts for mold from Husky,Krauss Maffei,MHT,Otto,Sacmi and so on.


  • 1

    Valve Gate,no cutting.

  • 2

    Advanced cooling channels shorten cycle time.

  • 3

    Excellent mold design extends mold lifespan.

  • 4

    All spare parts are interchangeable.

  • 5

    Preforms with lower weight and eccentricity deviation.

  • 6

    Lower AA value and reasonable IV value.

  • 7

    Neck finish as per ISBT standard.

  • 8

    Highly efficient cooling channels for shorter cycle time.

  • Raw Material

    • The main components of perform molds are made of S136 material (Sweden ASSAB).

    • The mold base is made of imported P20.

    • Core,caivty and neck ring can be HRC48-HRC52.

  • Advanced Processing Equipment

    • High precison processing machines are used for spare parts to keep perfect interchangeability

  • Electric Heating Components

    • German Hotset heating components.

    • Intelligent temperature controller (PID continuous power control).

  • Perfect Inspection Method.

    • Inspection tools include,ruler,scale,projector, hardness tester, stress tester, eccentricity tester, electric balance and other inspection tools.

  • After-Sales Service

    • Around the clock hotline is open.Within 12 hours,solutions will be provided to the customers.

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